A Moment in Time

It never dawned on me, until several years later, that a poignant moment had slipped past me, one that has became a permanent image forever imprinted indelibly onto my consciousness. I was shuffling papers, the mail, doing odds and ends around the house one Fall day, when a knock at the door caught my attention. […]

Ray Goes Boating

Lisa loved sailing. Not necessarily the remarkable power of the wind and the serene image of a bow slicing through waves, mostly it was the other-worldliness of the whole adventure. Just being on the water, floating around in a self-contained capsule, propelled by nature and cruising to a new destination every day is what she […]

In the Neighborhood

In that period between sleep and wakefulness, during the very first moments of early morning, the mind seems to quickly stash all its nighttime thoughts into various compartments and deep folds around the dark edges, while slowly bringing forth the real, clear issues of a new day. What I heard, and it didn’t quite make […]


The lights were blinking, as they probably should during the test sequence. Red, blue, green, yellow and clear, maybe a few others colors too. I waited, tapping my toe trying to find the beat until they were through flashing. Leaning back against the narrow gun-metal gray bench opposite the racks of equipment, I patiently stood, […]

Middle Birds

Past the police firing range, in the shadow of the newly constructed Betsy Ross Bridge connecting Philadelphia to Pennsauken, along a wide path between the woods on one side and the Delaware river on the other, the hunt commences. Walking upriver, pellet rifles in hand, the two brothers spoke softly on life’s seemingly haphazard journey […]