James Calore, a freelance writer, was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Southern New Jersey where he currently resides, comfortably, in a log home within the wild and wondrous Pine Barrens. He gratefully shares this traditional abode with his wife, Linda, and their challenging pet boxer, Tyson.

Contact: jamescalore@gmail.com 

Tortilla Press – a novel

A story of contrasts, of people with separate, yet connected lives, whose paths converge and the effects of those interactions change each of them forever. A strong, centered woman, her star-crossed son and a younger, ‘fortunate’ boy from the East, each of distinctly different backgrounds, transform each other’s life in a way that could have never been foreseen.

Meadowbrook – short stories

A collection of short stories, some true, others fiction. Which is which? You may be surprised. A boating trip gone bad, an untrained serviceman, of brothers and birds, moments that are remembered, a day in the life, a coming of age much too soon; these are some of the stories told here. Short stories that have meaning, perhaps make you think, chuckle, reflect, identify as someone you know, maybe even see yourself within these characters.

Grown Fast and Hard – a story

Life is full of twists and turns, as the saying goes, but you never know when that life-altering event is coming at you. Some twists can turn out very fortunate, while others … let’s just say, there are others you wished you hadn’t had to endure. Life can be a tough teacher, and the test tougher yet. Grown Fast and Hard – A contemporary short story set in the American West.

Currents – poems

A book of free-form poems with original illustrations. Ride the current, enjoy the emotions.

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